Submission Guidelines

We invite essays examining a single shot of a film, television series or other form of screen media. Essays of 1000 words and a brief biography should be submitted to Belinda Glynn, Kate Warren and Whitney Monaghan ( accept submissions year-round and occasionally release Calls for Contributors via Twitter. Please follow these guidelines when you submit your essay:

Subject Matter: You may write about any form of screen media (such as film, television, music video, video game) so long as you can select a single shot and can generate something interesting and compelling out of it. Some issues are themed around genres, ideas, types of shots, etc.

Content: Peephole Journal aims to be a space to develop ideas about a film and to encourage new ways of thinking and writing about film. How you write about the shot is entirely up to you. You may use the essay to discuss the shot in isolation, in relation to the film (or television series etc) as a whole or, alternatively, to discuss other ideas coming out of the film. Rather than being evaluative, the piece should have an argument about something within the shot and develop some idea about the film.

Titles: Please include a title for your essay.

Films/Books: Italicise the titles of films/books.First reference to a film should gesture to the director and year of release e.g. (Director, Year)

References/style: Peephole Journal uses Chicago 16 A referencing style, with footnotes. A style guide can be found here

GIF: Your essay will be published alongside an animated GIF of the shot under discussion. GIFs are made in-house. Please send the timecode of the shot under discussion along with a brief description so we can make the GIF.

Tone: We are looking to feature intelligent writing that is not purely academic in tone. Your essay should be thoughtful, readable and assume an informed audience.

Queries or Pitches: Please get in touch with us via email on if you have any questions or wish to pitch an essay.


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